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WELCOME TO BAM! We are the most active Association for Licensed CAM's in Volusia County. We're Glad You're Here! If you're not a Member yet,

What Is BAM?

BAM is one of the most active associations for licensed community association managers, BAM has been most instrumental in the development of effective condo managers, even prior to the requirements for them to be licensed. Managers have sought to increase their ability to improve and maintain the property on behalf of the Board of Directors and the owners of the condo association, to enhance and increase property values. Community Association Managers are proud of their role in the scheme of high density living areas, which provides essential life styles in this modern world.

How Do You Join?

Applying for membership in BAM is easy.

You must attend a meeting of BAM to apply for membership.  Please fill out the CAM or Associate Member application and bring it with you to the meeting.
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Contact for the next meeting date, and other important information.

No payment will be taken until the application is approved.

If you need help or have any questions, call 386-538-1083 or

Benefits of Membership

It becomes very important to all managers to have the opportunity to network with their peers. Your association and neighboring manager has been there, done that, and is willing to help those who ask for help in stressful times. BAM and its members are there to provide that help.

Some of the most necessary tradesmen, vendors, and professionals to our business are encouraged to be associate members of BAM. These members are essential, but are only selected for membership upon sponsorship of our members. They must be all licensed and insured in the trade and profession to protect our owners from unnecessary financial burdens.

  1. Continuing education requirement courses for licensed managers
  2. Job opportunities within our community
  3. Solutions to community problems
  4. Guidance to political/government/business ventures
  5. Assistance to improve the quality of property managers in the community settings.
  6. An outlet for stress related job problems and frustrations
  7. First hand information and new laws governing the associations in the state.
  8. An opportunity to network with peers.
  9. Associates have an opportunity to display their trades, products and services to the CAM managers

PO Box 283, Ormond Beach, FL 32175
Telephone: 386-538-1083
E-Mail us at:
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